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    Hi Donald, A passing score on the CPSM exam requires 111 out of 150 questions to be answered correctly. ...

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    RE: CPSM Practice Exams

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    Hi Donald - I'm doing the same thing! Good luck! ------------------------------ Janette Hagaman Senior ...

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    BQE Core Platform & CRM

    Hello CRM hivemind. Are any of your companies using the BQE Core platform, and more specifically, the ...

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  • Did you know that email continues to rank as one of the strongest revenue-producing marketing channels for many industries? However, many professional services firms have yet to leverage all the benefits ...

  • This article was first published on substance151.com . In the executive summary for the   Best Global Brands 2020 report , Interbrand identified three top brand leadership trends for the decade ahead ...

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  • Hello CRM hivemind. Are any of your companies using the BQE Core platform, and more specifically, the CRM module?  https://www.bqe.com/ My (new!) office is using ...

  • Aloha all,  I work for a small company and we are looking to revamp our marketing materials.  I'm looking for a couple different layout options for portrait and ...

  • The SMPS-NY Professional Development Committee welcomes you to our round table panel discussion to learn more about the various professional certifications within ...

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